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Dragon Ball Legends is a fantastic card game that puts you in the role of a guardian dragon, fighting your opponents and defending your homeland. The game’s goal is to defeat all 3 of the evil ruling factions of Dragon Ball by recruiting them to your side. When they are all defeated, the Dragon Ball universe will be safe. The game features different stages with multiple challenges, and it includes countless cards, with new ones being released as they are developed. The game has a very vivid cartoon style, with accurate cartoon models.


The Legend of Korra is not just a television show. It’s also a complete adaptation of the popular Avatar movie. It flaunts the same qualities you would find in the film. It’s a beautiful fantasy world that can only be described with descriptive language that marries the best of animation, literature and cinema. With this in mind, it should be no surprise that the fans have already modded the show to their hearts’ content. You’ll need to download ‘Dragon Ball Legend Mod Apk’ to see what they’ve done.

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